Kelly Black Art

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Landscape, Western, and Wildlife Art

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Romancing Light & Color

This is what  I have been doing since beginning this journey in 2008.
I am really just an average guy that discovered late in life what I truly like to do, I love to paint, I love to create and for me, the whole aspect of being an artist is ever-changing, much like a romance. Being self taught I have had plenty of road blocks, many of them stemming from my own mistakes. But I am learning and evolving into a better artist. While I also venture into acrylics and watercolors, oil is my prefered medium. Starting as a landscape artist, and then branching into wildlife and western art,( the latter two being my favorite ), I  braved a few abstract pieces, which gave me a new appreciation of expressionistic art.  That said, realisim is where my heart is, it is where I feel more complete, and excited. I will continue to experiment, and to try different ideas just as I continue to romance light and color.

Prussia, Michigan 12/5/2014